Why Blog???

It was a June day when I looked in the mirror and realized I had gained some unneeded weight over the last few months. A few days later I was trying to put on some jeans when I realized they weren’t zipping up. I tried on another pair and got the same result. I knew I hadn’t been working out or eating as healthy, but this  seemed really odd to me. I got on the scale and it said 173.2 pounds and I about fell over. I had really let myself go. Since then I have exercised a little more over the last month and am now down to 172, which is still pathetic.

I will exercise hardcore for a week, two, and even three weeks from time to time, but it never fails that I lose my motivation. Then one day I thought that maybe if I did a blog and put it out there that I wanted to get into shape that would help motivate me. I want people to hold me accountable. Also, this will give me a way to keep a journal of my journey and maybe along the way I can help motivate others to do the same.

I have found a program I am going to be using that last 5 weeks. As I go through the program I will keep this blog updated with what exercises I am doing, my weight from time to time, what I am eating, and whatever else comes to my mind. I do hope to get some pictures posted from time to time (if I am smart enough to figure out how to do that). HA!!

Throughout the next 5 weeks I would love any and all feedback.

Thanks, Jared

2 thoughts on “Why Blog???

  1. Thanks, and I believe it will and am slowly seeing results. I have met great people already. I’ll look into JCD fitness. I have already run into a lot of people selling or promoting something.

    Have a Bless Day!!!

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