Fitness Test

I have already started this program and am a little over a week into it. The first step is the Fitness Test.

Fitness Test- Max reps for each exercise in 60 seconds. Write down/keep track of your results. I will retake this Fitness Test for sure at the end of the 5 weeks, but it can be taken at the halfway point if you want to. Below are the exercises I did and my results.

I did a Warm-up and Stretched after doing the Fitness Test.

1. Bent Arm Hang (go for max time, keeping your chin above the bar. Try not to let your body swing) ……………………. I didn’t have a way to do this one, so I held my dumbbells (8 pounds) and held them in the starting position of a Over-Head Press (I stood up and put my arms out in a 90 degree angle above my head) and held the dumbbells in the starting position for as long as I could.    –  24 seconds

2. High Knees- 100

3. Pushups- 11 – I was not pleased with this

4. Jumping Jacks- 43

5. Situps- 12 – Again not pleased with this

6. Mountain Climbers – 63

7. Plank (hold for as long as you can and keep track of your time)- 34 seconds

I wasn’t very happy with a lot of my results, but I know this is all a starting point. Plus, it gives me something besides a scale number to shoot for!!!!

Here is the link for the Fitness Test Video ( )

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