Week 3 Workout # 11 – Shoot To Thrill

I did this workout yesterday morning before I went to church, and I was so pumped after that I didn’t even need my morning coffee. I did eat some Greek Yogurt beforehand, to make sure I had something in my stomach. While I was doing my Warm-up I played “Shoot to Thrill” by AC/DC and that helped me loosen up the muscles. That song ROCKS and if you have seen any of the Iron Man movies then you have heard it before.

The last couple of workouts I did were more Cardio based and this routine was more towards the Overall Body Toning/Strengthening that I have been usually doing and posting. Sorry, not really sure what the proper name would be for the routine, but if you know, then you should let me know. It was a great workout and it made me sweaty. I need to post the picture I took of myself, because the look on my face is priceless. I am a little sore around my shoulders/chest this morning but that is a good sign. A few of the exercises were new to me, so I had to watch the video closely. The nice thing about the video is you can pause it if you need a water break or to catch your breath, and if you need to watch Melissa do a move a few times to figure out how to do it, and then you can simple rewind to start from the top and get all the reps in. Very convenient!!

Here is my workout from yesterday, and I hope everyone has a great MONDAY!!!

I went through the routine twice.

Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps


1. Plank to Lunge Reach
2.Russian Twist
3. Mountain Climber Pushup (I had to keep reminding myself to keep my core tight while doing this exercise)
4. Lunge Kick (right)
5. Lunge Kick (left)
6. High Knees
7. Alicia’s Sumo Squat Kick
8. Side Frogger (this one is tougher than it looks)
9. Hip Thrust (I was feeling it by this one )
10. Reverse Bicycle


Here is the link for the workout, and the Warm-Up and Stretch are not shown in the video. I do my own of each ( http://www.benderfitness.com/2013/02/fitness-transformation-workout-6.html )

11 thoughts on “Week 3 Workout # 11 – Shoot To Thrill

  1. Hey there! Yes I did compete as a fitness model in June this year. 🙂 I didnt place but I loved the experience and I learnt so much along the way. Especially about myself and what I am capable of doing. I will most likely compete again soon 🙂 / Caroline (www.carolinecarrot.wordpress.com)

    • Hello Caroline,

      That is awesome! Congrats on setting a goal and reaching it!! There are times it is about the experience and not all about placing or winning.

      What made you want to complete?

      I think it is cool that you used your blog to update your journey. I have started my own personal body transformation, and part of the reason I started to blog was so that I would have a record of the complete journey.


      • Thank you! 🙂
        I wanted to compete to gain more confidence, push my limits and for the experience. 🙂 At the moment Im trying to get back on track and loose a few kgs until the summer and then hopefully compete again in March next year 🙂
        Good luck in your journey. Dont forget to post before, and after pics as well as progress pics. At least have them for yourself.. sometimes its hard to “remember” how far youve come.

      • Welcome!!

        I am sure you will loose those few KGs and compete again in March. I am excited for you!!

        Thanks!! I have some pictures that I took before I started the blog, and I need to post them. I hate looking at them and don’t want the world to see them. However, I have seen other people who have posted their pictures, so I need to do the same!!

        Thanks again for your time. Blessings!!

    • Hi Caroline,

      I have a question for you. You might not know the answer but I think you could maybe help me out.

      I have had ITBS/hip issues for a few years now, and was wondering if you thought a chiropractor or an orthopedic might be able to help with my issue/s?

      • Hi Jared,
        Hmm no, I’m actually not too sure about who is the best professional to go to. But I would probably start to go to someone who got a good reputation close to where you live. See what he says and go from there. Always trust your gut feeling and dont be afraid to get a second opinion from someone else within the business.
        Otherwise, a good sports massage/deep tissue massage and stretching can work wonders. However, that of course depends on the seriousness of your bad hip/issue. Best of luck!!

      • Hey Caroline,

        I got a couple of deep tissue massages this summer and they helped, but did not completely fix my issue. I have asked a lot of people and have decided to see a chiropractor. I have even been given a couple of names and numbers, so I hope to see one within the next week.

        Thanks for your time and I appreciate the well wishes!!

    • Thanks, it was intense. I sweated so much my shirt was hard to take off. It was glued to my body. HA

      No, I do not come up with the workouts. I get them from a website (benderfitness.com). Also, there should be a link to all of the workouts at the end of each of my Workout Blogs. The workouts are designed for one to do at home and they are free. I know you may not like doing workouts at home, b/c I know you like to cuss at people. HAHA…Kidding

      Here is a link to a Blog I did about her and her site.

      Let me know if you have an other questions.

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