Injury Update – Going to the Chiropractor

For those of you who missed the last blog. I have had an old injury flare up, and I have decided until it gets better to stop working out. It has been hard, but thankfully I have a job where I am up on my feet off and on all day, so I haven’t simply been sitting on my butt. After talking with and asking around I have decided to the Chiropractor my brother and sister-in-law see. I am going next Tuesday at 830am and would appreciate any prayers, thoughts, or well wishes at that time. I don’t believe I have a serious injury, because I am not in pain 24/7.

When I called to ask about prices and setup my appointment. I was very impressed with the lady who answered the phone, because she took the time to fully answer my questions and asked about how I hurt myself. Rather than rushing me off the phone, she took the time to talk with me. It made me feel even more like I was making the right decision.

Again, I appreciate all the positive feedback from my last post, and I will keep you all update with how things go Tuesday.

Everybody have a Blessed Day!!
Hook’em Horns!!!!


6 thoughts on “Injury Update – Going to the Chiropractor

    • Thanks!! I have taken a break from my workout routine until the Chiropractor gives me the green light. I am on my feet a good amount at work, so at least I am not sitting on my butt all day.

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