How my chiropractor visit went!!

If you have kept up with my recent blogs you know almost two weeks ago I had an old injury flare up. Since then I have not worked out until I could get someone to find out what my issue is and has been. After talking and asking around I decided to go the chiropractor route. I went where my brother and sister-in-law go, and it went fantastic. There are some misconceptions about Chiropractors so I figured I would go over my visit.

First, the Chiropractor brought me in his office and we talked about what I thought had caused my issue, and went over some of my medical history. He had me lie-down and felt around my back, neck, and hip regions. Then he took some X-rays. I’ll be honest I didn’t think there was anything severely wrong with me, because I am not in pain 24/7. But I have dealt with this issue off and on for 5 years, so I was a tad nerves. Then my Chiropractor gave me great news. Nothing major was out of whack, and within 5-6 adjustments over the next 2 – 3 weeks I shouldn’t need to see him that often. He said something like every 1 or 2 months.

He said nothing was wrong with my hips (Thank God!). I was told my right leg was a tad longer than my left leg. Your body does it’s best to keep the hips balance/level. Due to my legs being different lengths that has caused my superior gemellus (I believe that is the name he told me and it is a very small butt muscle – keep your jokes to yourself) to tighten up. He also told me my spinal cord was slightly curving to the left, but again nothing too major. After explaining this all to me he did some electric acupuncture to help loosen up some muscles, and I must admit it did tickle somewhat. I actually giggle when he was treating the back side of my knees. After that he did some adjustments and when he did that I could totally feel how tight I was on the right side in my hip/pelvis, lower back regions.

Later on he had me take my shoes off and noticed I had low arches, and advised me of a couple of running stores I could go to so that I could get the proper insoles. He also gave me a little heel lift to wear in my left shoe to help keep my hips level/balanced. He worked on my ankles some, and said some lower back issues are because of something going on with your feet. I never would have guessed that.

The Chiropractor gave me some stretches to do every day and wants me to sit on a Tennis Ball 3-5 minutes on the muscle/s that are tight. I can already tell some of the pain I have had in my hip area is gone, and I feel it will only get better. I also want to say that there was not the bone cracking that seems to be associated with Chiropractors. Yes, there were a few pops, but there was not the neck cracking or excessive pulling or pushing that you see on TV.  

I was given the green light to start working out. I am going to wait until I get the proper insoles this weekend, and I want to wait until my next adjustment which is tomorrow. I guess when I do start working out again I want to be 100% physically and mentally right. I have had a little tightness and soreness from my first adjustment, but that is normal because your body is use to being out of the proper alignment.

Overall I am very happy I went to see a Chiropractor. I have done the stretches; I sat on the tennis ball last night, and have done everything else he recommended.  I would highly recommend anyone to visit a Chiropractor. From my experience there seems to be a lot of mixed feelings about Chiropractors and I am sure there are bad ones.  Your best bet is to ask around, and I mean ask as many people as you can to make sure you find a Chiropractor that has or is treating someone you know. Also, I would say stay away from a Chiropractor who won’t or doesn’t take X-Rays in your first visit. It was nice for the Chiropractor to be able to show me what my hips and lower back looked like and it gave me peace of mind.

Alright, that is enough of this novel but leave a comment if you have any questons. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Again I want to thank anyone one who has taken the time to discuss this issue with me or has given me encouragement!!



4 thoughts on “How my chiropractor visit went!!

  1. Good stuff, Jared. Thanks for sharing! It is amazing how a lot of what goes on with our bodies has to do with our feet. I learned this with reflexology in massage therapy, check it out sometime!

    • Thanks! My ankles need some work too, and my low arches aren’t helping. I plan on going to a running store this weekend and getting insoles that should help me out. I had a couple of deep tissues massages this summer and was blown away by how much they work on your feet. The body is all connected and one trouble spot can cause a ton of different issues. I am so happy to finally have an idea of what my issue/s have been, and finally getting them addressed.

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