Recovery Update – Chiropractor Visit 5

My last visit was this Monday, and I seem to be progressing nicely. I am going to need a new mattress, because I am waking up with some pain but once I wake-up it seems to go away. My next visit is not next Monday but the following Monday. My Chiropractor told me a place that sells mattresses for a decent price, so I guess I’ll be doing that later this week. I have had a feeling since this summer my current mattress has seen its better days. At least I have a current work around that has helped me sleep a little better the last two nights.

I am going to do my first workout in a few weeks later this week, but it seems like for the last week I have been fighting off a Cold that wants to make my body its home. I think the biggest problem is my lack of sleep, but I think I have a fix for that.

If you read this and have any questions please feel free to ask away. Have a great day!!


2 thoughts on “Recovery Update – Chiropractor Visit 5

  1. Yiiis! I got a new mattress and it made my back just… absolutely incredible! You should look into memory foam! It’s incredible. You don’t need to get a tempurpedic. Those are just insanely priced. There should be some other brands that offer memory foam! 😀

    Glad to hear you’re doing better, my friend! 😀 Keep us updated on the mattress hunt!

    • Thanks! I will be looking for something this weekend, and if I can find something for the right price I’ll buy it. My Chiropractor told me of a place that sells them for really decent prices.

      I’ll keep you all updated on the mattress hunt, and I hope I can finally post another workout before too much longer.

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