When Teasing Goes Too Far

This is a wonderful Blog from a friend that I went to college with, and you should check out this and all her blogs.


Apparently I let a month slip by in writing my blog.  I have no excuse.

I do find it ironic, however, that of all the topics I have brainstormed up to blog about, I am choosing a topic that I am writing an entire series on for work.  I typically write about social programs, issues, etc. and this one hits home a little bit.

Growing up, I was always shorter and smaller than everyone else.  I never understood why, and always hated the fact that I wasn’t “normal”.  To make matters worse, I was never a popular kid and combining my introverted personality just added to the pile.  Then let’s take the fact that I was homeschooled.  I was one of the more intelligent kids.  I have always been really pale.  My hair is incredibly frizzy.  If anyone was going to be picked on, it was me.

One of the…

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