Recovery Update – Chiropractor Visit 6 and New Mattress Update


I went to the Chiropractor this morning and the visit went well. I seem to still be coming along nicely. I am still waking up with soreness and stiffness, but that is because I am still adjusting to the new mattress. I talked to a ton of people last week and most seemed to say it takes a week before you start enjoying your new mattress. I think a lot of my issues are because my old mattress was in terrible shape. Last night I slept as well as I have since I got it. I still have a little ways to go, but it is nice to notice I am making progress.

Once I stretch and start moving the soreness/stiffness goes away pretty quick. The nice thing is when I am moving throughout the day or when I helped move the mattress I didn’t notice those simple movements causing me pain or my injuries to flare up again. All in all I would say I am doing well. The other nice thing about sleeping fairly well last night is I feel like I can finally get back to working out. I have been talking about doing my first workout for about 10 days now, but when you are dragging all day it is tough to even think about working out.

However, I have had people encouraging me and taking an interest in my recovery and that has helped me ton. I appreciate that more than I can express!!

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

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