Back To Working Out!!!

My chiropractor visits have eased the pain of the injury from early October, and I have been sleeping better this week, so I have finally decided it is time to start working out again. It is crazy to think it has been since early October since I last worked out, but to be honest it feels like it has been longer. I have decided to restart the Body Transformation Series (found on Melissa Bender’s website/blog I was doing, and I am really, really looking forward to it. I have learned a lot since I started the program in early September. I was doing a great job with my workouts, but I wasn’t eating as healthy as I needed to in order to see the results I wanted.

Last night I got home and was feeling a little tenderness in right knee, hip, and butt area, which is the area where that flared up originally. These are also the areas that I have been having issues with for years, so I was hesitate to do anything at all. I kept thinking that I was going to only make the tenderness worse or possibly completely injure myself. Then it hit me that I would probably feel that way until I actually tested these areas out.

I did the Fitness Test that the program has, but I left my results at home. I will try to post them later tonight. The big thing that came out of the Fitness Test is that I never felt my tenderness get worse, and I haven’t felt any pain today. That is a HUGE win in my book!!

I may try to do the first workout of the program tonight, but probably won’t go full force. I plan on taking it slow the first week and then turn it up a notch or two. The biggest thing I need to do is simply start working out again!!

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