Current Goals

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone’s Monday is going well. Yesterday I spoke about my new work out plan, and today I am discussing my goals while I do my current five week workout plan. I think in the past I have tried to have too many goals, or maybe they have been a tad too detailed. Also, I need goals that are current but move towards me sticking with working out, because my health/fitness needs to be on-going….below are the goals.

1. Finish the 5 week Workout program I am starting. I have started it at least 2 or 3 times but I haven’t been able to finish it. I have had an injury/injuries come up or some other excuse. I simply want to finish the program more than anything else. If I can commit to five weeks, then I feel that fitness will become part of my daily routine.

2. Average 7.5 hours of sleep. Right now I would say I get between 6-7 hours of sleep a night and the average is probably closer to 6.5. That isn’t enough and that is part of the reason I stopped working out at the end of last year. I simply didn’t have the energy to work out once I get home. Yes, I would always feel more energized when I got a workout in, but when I am sleepy it is easy for me to skip a workout. It is true if you miss one workout, it is that much easier to miss the next one.

3. Eat more vegetables at dinner. One thing I have been much better about over the last few months is eating better more consistently. That is a big reason I have lost some weight even though I haven’t been working out. Still, I have room to improve. Usually for dinner I’ll eat chicken strips or grilled chicken, a potato with cheese, a glass of milk, but after that is when the meal goes a little downhill. I will have some cereal, one too many handfuls of goldfish crackers or a granola bar. I know none of those things are awful, but with dinner being my last meal for the day I need to have a more health meal. By adding one vegetable to my dinner I can cut out extra calories.

Alright, these are my goals, and all are straight forward. I know some people will say I don’t have very specific or any result driven goals, but if I do the above three goals, then results will come.

I am curious if anyone has any thoughts, questions, or maybe you tell me about your goals.

Blessings! Jared

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