Week 4 Workout #10

Hi Everyone!

I hope your Monday is going well. Yesterday after church I did my second workout for the Fourth week of the current 5 week program I am doing. It calls for you to redo workouts from the previous weeks. I did workouts #2 and 5. I was fairly draggy, but didn’t let that keep me from working out. It is amazing after a workout how much better I feel, and it did help me power through the rest of my day. The order of my workout yesterday was workout #2, workout #5, and then workout #2. Later this week or maybe next week I may try to throw in some sort of cardio. My foot has been handling the workouts alright and I don’t seem to have issues the following day with it. Now, this could happening because a lot of the exercises that call for me to use it I haven’t been doing like high knees, jumping jacks. Instead, I have been doing overhead presses and so forth. I was given a machine by my Dad and I might start using it.

The long term goal is for me to start running outside, but it is about taking small steps. I will probably get outside and walk before I even start running. I have tried to rush this process before and I will not make that mistake again. Right now I am more focused on creating a nice foundation, and then the running will come. However, to be honest lately it seems like I have been thinking about results, and I guess that is because I am not as far along as I’d like to be. My Grandmother and Aunt came over Saturday and they both bragged on how looked better than the last time they saw me, and that helped a ton. Plus, I reminded myself that it hasn’t even been 4 full weeks, so I needed to be easy on myself.

After my workout I stretched and used my tennis ball to workout some places that were tight. Here is the workout.

Workout #2- (http://www.benderfitness.com/2013/01/fitness-transformation-workout-2.html)
Repeat 1-3X

1. Lunge Curl (alternate legs)
2. Plank Lift
3. Side Plank Hip Drop (right)
4. Side Plank Hip Drop (left)
5. Heel Tap Abs or Leg Lift Abs
6. Hip Press
7. Leg Series (right)
8. Leg Series (left)
9. Sumo Pushups
10. Bicycle Abs

Workout #5- (http://www.benderfitness.com/2013/01/fitness-transformation-workout-5.html)
Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps

*Repeat 1-3X

1. Alternating Lunge Lift
2. Tricep Leg Lift
3. Extended Situp
4. Mount Climber/High Knees (30 seconds each, 10 second rest in between)
5. Squatting Side Kick
6. Tricep Pushup (right)
7. Tricep Pushup (left)
8. Bicycle
9. Mountain Climber/High Knees
10. Warrior Row (right)
11. Warrior Row (left)
12. Leg Lift Abs
13. Mountain Climber/High Knees

Have a great day!
Blessings Mates!

6 thoughts on “Week 4 Workout #10

  1. It’s always nice when others begin to notice your progress! Definitely a big pat on the back and confidence booster. 🙂 Keep up the hard work and good luck with getting outside to run!

    • Thanks Katie! You have no true how much of “big pat” on the back it was! My current plan right now was not to focus on results, but it has been tough. I know the scale doesn’t tell the whole story.

  2. Awesome looking workout, I might have to try this! And good job with taking it slowly and easing in, I know how tough it is to do that – very smart. Keep us updated on how outside running goes 🙂

    • Thanks Rachel! The workouts I’ve been doing are tough, and I can tell I am creating a solid fitness foundation! I’ve learned the hard way about not taking it it slow and easing into working out. I will keep all posted on the outside running, but I have a feeling it will be mostly walking at first, because I got to make sure I don’t flare up my foot injury.

      By the way I haven’t introduced myself properly. I am Jared and I look forward to conversing with you in the future!

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