Why I haven’t posted a new workout recently?

Last Saturday was the last time I have posted anything, and figured I should explain why. To catch anyone up who doesn’t know last week I tweaked my ITBS/Hip/Lower back. It has been an off and on issue for a while now. Let me giving you a little back ground story…………………

My senior year of college I started running and fell in love with it. I trained for a 5K I ran in early 2009, and after the 5K I took a month off. When I started running again, I did too much, too soon.  I remember waking up and barely able to walk for the next couple of days. I thought time off would be the solution, but every time I try to run any sort of distance the issue flairs up. I have done some research and believe the issue is in my ITBS Band. I have pain in my gluteus maximums, hip, and lower back on the right side (and a tad on my left side). If it wasn’t for my trusty foam roller, I think I would have died long ago.  Also I have completely stopped running.

Three weeks into my current workout program I was feeling great all over, and then last week happened. I have talked to a lot of people about my issue and most people don’t believe it is anything serious. Most people have said they believe a chiropractor is the way to go, and that is what I am going to do. Until that visit I am going to take it easy as far as working out goes. I might do some upper-body and core work, but I really don’t want to make this injury worse. I don’t have pain 24/7, but I got to do something.

This summer I was having issues sleeping and I got a couple of Deep Tissue Massages. They helped but I need to go a different route. To be clear I am not bad mouthing Deep Tissue Massages, and I recommend them to anyone. They are very relaxing and good for the body. Great way to relax muscles and get toxins released. My issue seems to be more skeleton and structure, so I think that is why the Deep Tissue Massage didn’t fully fix my issues.

Just wanted to let my Blogging Friends to know that I am alive and well (for the most part). I am going to try to get to the chiropractor within a week, and will let you all know how it all goes.

I want to thank anyone who has talked to me about this and/or answered my questions. The Blogging world is full of GREAT people!!!!!!!

Have a Blessed Day