Recovery Update – Chiropractor Visit 3

This past Monday I had my third chiropractor visit, and I am happy to say it went great! Sunday I finally felt I was improving and not having as much stiffness in my hips/butt/lower back regions. I woke-up Monday and it was as good as I have felt in 2 weeks. I still have a little stiffness/soreness in my left peck and below my left shoulder blade, but the Chiropractor believes that is from my back getting use to being in the proper alignment. When your back is not in correct alignment, your back overcompensates. I hope that makes sense. The only time I really feel it is when I first wake-up. Once I am moving it seems to go away quickly.

I was going to try to get in my first workout tomorrow, but I have to do an errand for my sister-in-law, so I hope I can get one in on Friday or Saturday. At least I feel like working out again, and I would rather take things slow before hitting it 100%

Again I appreciate all the well wishes!!