Recovery Update – How things are going with the new mattress

I finally got to sleep on my new mattress Sunday night, and I have to be honest that I didn’t sleep as well as I thought I would. I woke-up sore and with some stiffness. I slept alright till about 4am but the next hour and a half was kind of rough. I woke-up feeling this way, and thought I spent money and this is how I feel. I called my Chiropractor and explained my situation, and was told it was normal for there to be a “break-in” period with a new mattress. I got online and did some research, asked a few people, and even sent out a lot of text messages.

Online it seemed that the word on the street was that my situation was the rule and not the exception. Few people seldom go to sleep on a brand new mattress and don’t have some sort of issues sleeping or discomfort. However, part of me felt like this was someone in the mattress business, but I ran into a few people and a very good friend of mine who had the same issue/s I was currently having, and that made me feel a lot better. One person said it is just like when you work out for the first time in a long time. You have certain muscles that you haven’t used in a while that need extra time to get used to being used, which made sense to me. I have been sleeping on a terrible mattress for way too long, and recently been sleeping on pillows because my mattress was in such bad shape. My body probably isn’t use to being support in certain spots.

Another analogy that I found was people comparing a mattress to new shoes. You don’t buy new shoes and the next day go run 5-10 miles in them. You break them in and let your body get use to them. This really made sense to me when I slowed down and thought about it. I am sure my body needs to get use to my new mattress. I didn’t sleep amazing last night, but it was much better than Sunday night. If that continues I should be fine by later this week.

The only downer in this whole deal is where I bought my mattress didn’t have a 30 or 60 day refund policy. They are willing to exchange my mattress for a new one, but I would have to make that call by Thursday. However, since I slept better last night I think I should be fine with the new mattress. At least I have a couple more nights to see how things go. So, I would say when you are purchasing a mattress to make sure you ask about return/exchange policies first. For the record I didn’t buy my mattress at a traditional mattress store.

My Chiropractor hasn’t led me down the wrong path on any of his past recommendations, so I have complete faith in him. Plus, I know God is with me and that always helps. Plus, I have had many people I trust who have told me they were at one time in the same boat as I am currently.

I believe the type of mattress I bought is a Corsicana Euro Top Mattress Set, and it is made here in my home state of Texas in the City of Corsicana. You can go spend an arm and a leg on a mattress, but I was reading about people who spent 1 or 2 thousand dollars have the same issues as I am having. I got away much cheaper, and feel that in the coming days my body will get more use to the new mattress.

I am still planning on getting back to working out later this week. I am going to hold off until tomorrow or Thursday. Have a great day!



Recovery Update – New Mattress

I bought a new mattress Friday and it was delivered today. I am looking forward to sleeping on it tonight. My Chiropractor recommended a place that sells Mattresses for a very decent price. I was thinking I was going to pay $1000.00 plus, but got away paying $435.26 including delivery. I’ll be able to give more of a review tomorrow, but my Chiropractor hasn’t led me wrong yet. My old mattress needed to go. There was a place it had sank that must have been around 2 inches deep, if not more.

I might try to get in a workout later, but got a few things to take care of in my room first. However, I feel like I am finally getting to a place where I’ll be able to workout this week. Plan on taking it nice and easy, but feel like I am going to truly be able to get where I want my body to be. Sleep is such a big part of fitness and the new mattress is something I kind of knew I needed since this summer.

That is all I got for now. George Strait won the CMA for entertainer of the year and I am still stoked about that! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.