2nd Run – Thursday night

After my first run my left foot was tight and late Sunday and Monday it really hurt. My Chiropractor worked on my feet some during my Monday visit and that did help. He also worked on my right wrist which has been hurting for at least a week, if not longer. He helped both areas and I have used the tennis ball on my left foot. It was feeling better so I went for a run Thursday evening. To be honest early on I could tell it was acting tight and not fully stretched in the normal position. I thought that if I got moving it might help loosen it up, but that never did happen. Overall my run went okay. I ran when I felt like it, but mostly walked. I am not sure distance wise how far I went, but I time wise it was around 35-45 minutes.

After my run I did an extended stretch and overall felt great afterwards and the next day. My left foot was stiff again, and I have rolled my foot on my Tennis ball. It has helped but my foot is still somewhat stiff today. I will probably not try to run until the middle or late next week, and before I do that I may go for an extended walk to see how the foot is feeling. Also, I may go to the running store where I got my shoes and see if they suggest something to address my issue.

At first I was upset about my foot hurting, but I reminded myself this is all a journey and things won’t always go as planned. I can’t control much but I can completely control my attitude, which is very important. Since then I have been fine mentally, and I know in time I’ll be running and thinking why I made all this a big issue.


Week 2 – Workout # 5

Week 2 of the Body Transformation Series I am currently doing is a repeat of Week 1. I did two rounds and could have done a third round but I had to watch my nephew while his Mom and Dad ate lunch. We had a massive Ice Storm here hit Texas Thursday night through Friday morning, so I didn’t have to go to work. It was nice to be home and spend the whole day with my nephew who turned one yesterday. He has been such a blessing to our family and I thank God for him. He reminds me daily that the simple things in life are very important!!!

I got in a great stretch after my workout and sat on my trusted Tennis Ball to help loosen some spots that were a little tighter than normal. I felt good the rest of the day, and I woke up this morning feeling as loose as I have since I got my new mattress. For anyone new to reading my blog or hasn’t kept up with me recently I finally bought a new mattress in November and it has been an adventure adjusting to it. However, my old mattress was way past the being “old” mark and I am sure that has played a huge part in why it has taken me this long to get use to the new mattress.

I went the Chiropractor on Monday and the visit went well. Now that I am working out I can give him feedback about how my body is handling exercise, which will help him better address issues and certain spots that need more attention. I am hoping that later next week I can start running a little outside, and that will really help him know exactly how my hips/butt/lower back are doing. Thus far my body seems to be handling most things very well. I am still wearing my wrist support but my right wrist is starting to feel better. I hope in another week I won’t need it, but it has been a life saver this past week.

Here is my workout from yesterday and I hope everyone has a great Saturday!!!

Repeat 1-3X

Warm-Up- The Warm-Up and Last Stretch are not in the video link.

1. Lunge Curl (alternate legs)
2. Plank Lift
3. Side Plank Hip Drop (right)
4. Side Plank Hip Drop (left)
5. Heel Tap Abs or Leg Lift Abs (I was able to go all the way up with my legs the first round, but did a modified version after talking with my chiropractor on Monday.)
6. Hip Press 7. Leg Series (right)
8. Leg Series (left)
9. Sumo Pushups (My right wrist was still hurting but I did the first round as best I could. The second round I did Lying Dumbbell Bench Press, and I was lying completely on the ground using 15 pound dumbbells.)
10. Bicycle Abs


Here is the link for Workout# 2 ( http://www.benderfitness.com/2013/01/fitness-transformation-workout-2.html )