Where I’ve Been

It has been over a month since I last posted anything. I wish I could say that my workouts have been going strong but that isn’t the case. I finished the 5 week program I was doing and had started strong on another program. However, I slowly started to go downhill and then I fell off the cliff.

After about a week and a half of ending my 5 week Body Transformation program my lack of sleep really caught up to me. I missed one workout and once you miss one workout it is much easier to miss another. Now, I did get in a workout here and there but not on a regular bases. Then I had to start picking up my nephew and watching him after I got off work. I love my nephew and enjoy every moment I get to spend with him. The issue here was that I had to watch him until 10pm, which made it hard to ever get to bed at a decent time. I am the person you don’t want to be around if I am hungry or tired. I am a Grizzly Bear.

I thought about working out in the mornings, but I was barely getting enough sleep as it was. There is one good thing that did come out of me taking a month off. My left foot which has been an off and on issue for months has improved greatly over the last month. I am started to think if I take it slow I’ll be able to start running again later this year. More than likely it will start off with me walking and then transitioning to running.

Things have worked out where I am no longer watching my nephew daily, and after being sick at the end of last week the time has come for me to start working out again. I’ll end it there, but I do want to say that I have missed keeping up with my fellow bloggers and I hope you’re all doing great!


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